Memories part 1

Why I think memories are important and items that hold value to me:

I think memories are important as we learn lessons from them I think they can either be really happy or really sad and memories effect people differently some people cant help let the bad memories take over or let them engulf the happy ones. we all have bad times in life but the bad memories people have can be really strong. But all people have good memories

Please find

Please find my purdeys research on my pintrest

as ive chose to review individual pieces of packaging instead of brands

My henryka research

I concentrated on add campagins and websites for my jewellery research because i feel like u can get a good sense of a brand from these kinds of medium as they are very widely seen. And it also shows how the company wants to be seen by the masses so i think this is a good starting point when designing leaflets is to see how the company and the competitors use most frequently viewed methods of promtion. 

this website yet again is of poor quality ( espcally when compared to henryka not only do i feel like this website lacks in quality but the page length is very long it would have been better if they had multiple pages as i find unless a person wants to view all items a long webpage can lose intrest if they have to scroll for a long period of time i find these webites for amber of very low quality and i dont think they do any of there products any justice. With the exeption of henyrka who obviously cares how there customers view there products.

This is a jewellery website that specailises in all kinds of jewellery not just amber. its better then the previous one i critiqued this one seams of a much higher quality then the last one but i dont feel like theres much quality there. The pluses of this design is that there is nice photography which shows the products to a certain advantage but still think the quality lacks.

This is a website specalising in amber jewellery in the uk ( personally i feel like this website looks cheap like other amber specaillist i looked at i feel like henryka does it well but these companys feel like there cheep and give of a dodgy vibe like there not proper offical websites i really think the minimal amount of effort has been put into this and i feel like it doesnt do the products any favors. They might be the loveliest quality in the world but with out the website where u by it from to back it up u wont belive your buying a quality item if the quality isnt there from where u buy it from.

Seems as the project is about henryka its only fair that i critique there branding ( First i want to say that i did not let my opninons on henyrka effect my designs. I got my insperation from the pieces of jewellery themsefs. I found henyrkas branding to be pretty good for there style. but these are the critisims that i will make. I find that the logo should be in the center of the website insted of left aligned. If the logo was centraly aligned it would draw your eye down the center of the page insted of the left which means the clients would notice the jewellery more. I also think the navigation should be center aligned as well and also i think a lighter weight typeface would work better. i cant be sure but i think its a bold centuray gothic they have used also the all uppercase navigation is a no no in my opinion i can see why they chose to do it so it gets ur attention. But i feel like having it all in uppercase and bold its like its screaming at u i think they should eaither chose to go lowercase and bold or a regular weight and uppercase. The combitation of the uppercase and the bold weight make it seem very aggresive in astheic which does not suit a brand with soft flowing pieces and alot of animal orientated designs. I think a lighter weight and lowercase would soften this website quite abit and make it have a more friendly asthetic. Also i think as they are a silver and jewellery company maybe use of silvers and oranges would work quite nice. I know they do a turquoise range and also use milky amber but most people associate amber with orange and orange/brown shades. which i think could really tie these designs into the products.

All those changes in mind Henyrka is the best branding ive seen for a jewellers specialising in amber.

Magpie jewellery is a online store that stocks mutlple brands of jewllery designers ( The designs of the website its self is very simplstic which works well for this website because if they had a more complex design asthetic or a more complex navigation it might compliment some of there brands but not others with this simplistic design it lets the jewellery become the main focus points of the layout which is what i prefer for anyhting related to jewellery. You need to give jewellery room to brief so the design can show of the beauty of the piece to its full potiential

Pintrest link

This is a link to my pintrest where u can find images that inspired me as well as my thoughts on individual images.

This is links of London one of the jewellery company’s I looked at for inspiration when starting my henryka work. Link of London is a very well known jewellery brand. Most known for its friendship bracelets .

Links of londons branding is very simplistic using a classic black & white with subtle use of hot pink colour scheme which I do admit is very elegant and allows the jewellery to be the main focus point in there design ( but I don’t think the use of the hot pink is neseceary as its not used often enough as a static colour to be justified. the hot pink only is visible when u hover over the navigation of the website. There are only 4 bits of text that are permently in hot pink and the rest is white. Which makes the design look very sloppy as the static pink looks very random. its not till u use the navigation that it comes into place, I think this is a nice touch when u use the navigation but if ur looking at the website when u 1st see it the pink truly don’t make sense.

There ad campaigns are very similar to ones ive seen from dior ( and a particular add campaign from tag hever using Leonardo dicaprio ( The tag add campaign works as u can tell its an advertisement for a watch as the watch is quite prominent, the links of London add campaign of 2010 using cat deely does not work ( the images ive seen of the 2010 links of London add campaign look more to me like a photoshoot for a magazine then a add campaign for a jewellery brand yh add the company logo and ud know  its advertising jewellery but the jewellery is not a prominte feature of the image. I think if u use a person in a jewellery add then u should show the product sepretly somewhere on the image like a lot of watch ads do. or go for a completely product orientated add campaign if Pandora can pull it off im sure a company that has world wide success and has been established since 1990 could pull it off.